Qianmu Rice Paper Packaging

Rice paper, a precious gift that Chinese invented, is world intangible cultural heritage. The ancient techniques enable rice paper to be more valuable. This packaging technology intends to preserve and develop the traditional rice paper and makes innovations based on tradition.

Packed by sacks, paper and other components, the production highlights its natural and elegant style. Through rolling a piece of four-feet Xuan paper into paper roll and connecting the roll with a rope, this method changes the traditional triple-set four-feet rice paper packaging, which is also a modern expression. Using the traditional Chinese color - Dai blue patina color and light colored York, the paper is to manifest the features of the traditional production process. Via packaging all parts with eco-friendly biodegradable material, it eliminates secondary pollution. Rough linen and delicate paper are in stark contrast to the overall packaging, showing up the elegant style.

Year - 2015

​Reward - Reddot 2015, IDEA 2016 Finalist

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