Power Mosquito

For the purpose of sustainable design and saving power, Power Mosquito is a project aiming to drive people to turn off the light when leaving the office by an oblivious behavior - slapping mosquito, which combines technology, interaction and human unconscious behavior.

It is common that people forget to turn off electric appliances when leaving. This project is aimed at helping people instruct each other to turn off the light when departing. In this project, I added an emotion element - annoyed, which was used to provoke the unconscious behavior. When a person leaves the office without turning off the light, one part of the table will generate a humming sound like mosquito to make other people feel annoyed. The sound will stop and the light will be turned off upon slapping the "Mosquito". Therefore, the people who suffer from the "Mosquito" will tell the person who forgot to turn off the light yesterday to turn off the light.


​Design Shanghai 2015

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